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Education Innovation

We at NEEF believe that the education standards need to be raised across the country for better economic growth in the country. We aim to integrate innovative and effective ideas in the Education System with cutting edge technology to ensure merit and transparency.

NEEF believes that the existing Education System not only needs new ideas and inventions that shatter the performance expectations of today’s status quo; to make a meaningful impact, these new solutions must also “scale”, that is grow large enough, to serve millions of students and teachers.  NEEF has taken first steps to this ideology in form of a Degree Review Examination that shall ensure transparency and equal opportunity.

Curriculum Development

NEEF has built, through a decade of experience in the Education Sector, a sound understanding of education and the needs of the education system in Pakistan. We have various consultants with experience in curriculum development, academic development and planning, who provide us with the requisite expertise to develop innovative solutions that address the gaps in the current education system of the country.

Assessment Solutions

Assessment Solutions are where the integration of our expertise in Education and Assessment comes in. Our unique blend of IT and assessment conduction expertise helps us develop ground breaking solutions that enable assessment conduction as well as analysis. For this purpose we have worked on developing systems that govern generation of assessments that have randomized items, yet conform to quality standards and the requirements of the assessment generator. We are also working on enabling distance-based marking of assessments through IT solutions.

Policy frameworks

Our work in consulting and providing various services to various public and private sector organizations gives us unparalleled insight in to the needs of the current national education system. We therefore produce policy frameworks that address these needs through great research and translation of international best practices. Our policy frameworks include the development of a national ICT R&D fund to promote R&D in ICT, the establishment of robotics labs in schools across the country, and the development of high-school children through focused cognitive, personality and key skills development programs.

Training & Development

With a firm resolve to lead the avenue of developing business solutions, NEEF offers a wide array of fully customized and objective driven trainings for organizations all across Pakistan. For this purpose, NEEF has a diverse team of trainers who have extensive industry and academic experience and exposure.

NEEF stands out among its competitors owing to the talented professional trainers we have on our panel who come from different sectors of the market. Hence, NEEF secures an advantage because of its ability to provide training in almost all sectors of the market, covering all aspects that are a required for smooth running of the organization. With its unique mix of technology and management expertise, NEEF has the capability to provide the optimal training solutions.

NEEF provides training and development in:

  1. Financial Management

Management of financial resources is a critical competency of any management professional. It is therefore necessary for professionals, regardless of educational background, to receive comprehensive trainings in Financial Management. NEEF has developed various trainings in this regard, which encompass various aspects of Financial Management; including Financial Planning and Analysis, Financial Accounting, Budgeting (Capital /Operational), Finance for Non-Finance Managers, and many others. It is also important to point out that our trainings are customized according to industry, thereby addressing the specific needs of professionals working in various sectors.

  1. Marketing Management 

Understanding Marketing, Promotion and Sales is another essential knowledge area for managers and business professionals. Our comprehensive training programs integrate these 3 critical domains in order to give trainees an in-depth view of how to identify their customers, how to promote their products/services, and how to translate interest and leads into actual sales. For this purpose, we deliver trainings that develop key skills and knowledge areas, including Market Research, Marketing Channels, Strategic Marketing, Promotional Strategies and Management, Marketing for the New Age and many others.

  1. Business Strategy

Strategic management provides overall direction to the enterprise and involves specifying the organization’s objectives, developing policies and plans designed to achieve these objectives, and then allocating resources to implement the plans. Academics and practicing managers have developed numerous models and frameworks to assist in strategic decision making in the context of complex environments and competitive dynamics. NEEF offers various Strategy Development trainings ranging from Strategic Supply Chain Management, IT Strategies for E-Businesses, Business Strategies for E-Commerce, Implementing Strategy and others. Our extensive training programs provide a strong base for our clients to build effective strategies for their business development.

  1. Leadership

Developing a friendly work environment while increasing the productivity of employees and processes is an essential quality of a Leader. Leadership skills of decision makers decide how well an organization can perform as a whole. NEEF provides Executive Leadership Training services for decision makers in an organization, to develop skills that can help in achieving their goals effectively and efficiently. Our training programs include Critical Thinking, Leading Teams, Coaching & Mentoring, Conflict Resolution, and many others.

  1. Office Management

Basic Office Management Skills are a need of every employee. We provide training programs for Stress Management, Work-Life Balance, Time Management and MS Office that are important in carrying out day to day tasks effectively.

  1. Quality Management

Quality management ensures than all organizational processes are consistent and steady. It is not only focused on product and service quality, but also on the means to achieve it. We offer our training services in Quality Control, Quality Planning, Quality Assurance and Quality Improvement. These trainings develop key skills that ensure quality in a systematic environment.

Other Areas in which we provide trainings include:

  • Information and Communication Technology
  • Business Ethics
  • Motivation


A major area in which our organization has key competencies is carrying out field research assignments. Our large number of field staff, combined with our expertise in developing sound and valid research techniques, make us the best fit for any organization looking to carry out statistically valid research.

Our services in this area include:

Impact Assessment Studies 

Our Impact Assessment Studies are formal, evidence-based procedures that assess the economic, social, and environmental effects of public policy. We provide include policy impact assessment (policy level), strategic environmental assessment (program and plan level), and environmental impact assessment (project level). Impact assessments can focus on specific themes, such as social impact assessments and gender impact assessments.

Our Impact Assessment Studies can potentially improve legislation by:

  1. Informing policy makers about potential economic, social, and environmental ramifications
  2. Improving transparency so that contributions to sustainability and “better regulation” are disclosed and special interest lobbying is discouraged
  3. Increasing public participation in order to reflect a range of considerations, thereby improving the legitimacy of policies
  4. Clarifying how public policy helps achieve its goals and priorities through policy indicators
  5. Contributing to continuous learning in policy development by identifying causalities that inform ex-post review of policies

Baseline Study

The purpose of a baseline study is to provide an information base against which to monitor and assess an activity’s progress and effectiveness during implementation and after the activity is completed.

Our baseline studies are closely linked with the activity monitoring plan so that the data collected can be replicated if necessary during on-going activity monitoring, for any mid-term review, when the activity is being assessed for the activity completion report and for any subsequent evaluations. We provide the information required to assess the quality of the activity implementation and measure the development results.

Field Survey 

In addition to the above studies, we provide our clients with the ability to utilize our nation-wide operational capability, as well as our expertise in survey conduction, to carry out any and all types of field surveys. Our field staff is experienced in the modalities of primary research, and is available across Pakistan to serve our client’s needs. Our panel of statistical experts ensures that all surveys carried out by NEEF are statistically valid, and ensure that our research quality is always of the highest standard.

Assessment and Evaluation

Our test and assessments are based on highest standards of quality and fairness hence, making NEEF one of the top testing foundations in the country. We offer multiple testing services, objective as well as subjective at multiple levels to facilitate learning, and we make sure that our tests remain unparalleled in terms of eminence, objectivity and impartiality.

NEEF has been in the Testing and Assessment industry for more than a decade and during that time, it has been able to successfully conduct various tests and assessments for countless organizations. NEEF has the capacity to administer tests nation-wide. This service is available to our clients who prefer designing their own tests. NEEF extends its conduction facility from paper printing to the entire test conduction process till the announcement of results. Our testing service varies across different dimensions e.g. we provide Paper Based, Computer Based, Online Based as well as  Single Purpose tests.

Portfolio of Tests 

Generalized Tests

NEEF offers various generalized tests at undergraduate and well as postgraduate level. Some of the tests NEEF conducts are:

  • Undergraduate Student Evaluation Test (USET)
  • Graduate Admission Review (GRE)
  • Standard Pedagogy Test (SPT)/ Enhanced Pedagogy Test (EPT)
  • General Recruitment and Evaluation Exam (GREE)

Customized Recruitment Tests

NEEF also offers customized tests for its clientele and facilitates the selection process of fresh inductees. This is one area which is critical to all organizations. Fresh intake into an organization is taken with utmost care. Applicants have to be carefully scrutinized to ensure academic proficiency coupled with the right mindset to suit the norms of a particular organization. NEEF is alive to the sensitivity of this task and provides its recruitment expertise to facilitate the process.

In addition to General Recruitment, NEEF also offers customized services in Promotional Review of employees. Following two tests are available in this cadre:

  • Assessment for General Recruitment (AGR)
  • Assessment for Promotional Review (APR)

Model Test Center 


Test Registration and Conduction Process 

Test Administration Procedure

Test Conduction Facility 

Capacity Building

NEEF offers development that focuses on understanding the obstacles that inhibit societies, organizations and Government Sector from realizing their development goals while enhancing the abilities that will allow them to achieve measurable and sustainable results.

The Capacity Building Framework defines capacity in seven essential elements:


A project’s mission, vision, and overarching goals, which collectively articulate its common sense of purpose and direction

  1. What a project wants to achieve in the long run
  2. What kind of capacity building does a project exist for


The coherent set of actions and programs aimed at fulfilling the project’s overarching goals, including:

  1. Strategic Planning
  2. Organizational Planning

Organizational Skills

The sum of the sector’s capabilities, including such things (among others) as performance measurement, planning, resource management, and external relationship building, such as:

  1. Resource Development
  2. Program Design & Development
  3. Strategic Relationships

Human Resources 

The collective capabilities, experiences, potential and commitment of the sectors human resources, management team, staff, and volunteers, which contain:

  1. Facility Planning
  2. Volunteer Development
  3. Human Resource Management

Systems & Infrastructures

The project’s planning, decision making, knowledge management, and administrative systems, as well as the physical and technological assets that support the organization, include:

  1. Program Design & Development
  2. Outcomes Measurement
  3. Program Analysis & Evaluation

Organizational Structure 

The combination of governance, organizational design, inter-functional coordination, and individual job descriptions that shapes the organization’s legal and management structure, which includes:

  1. Leadership Development
  2. Board Development
  3. Succession Planning


The fabric that binds together the society including shared values and practices, behavioral norms, and most importantly, the society’s orientation towards performance. Broken down into the following key areas:

  1. Values
  2. Motivations
  3. Practices
  4. Processes

Integrated Solutions

NEEF intends to provide its clientele with the highest level of integration amongst their systems with the help of information technology. We at NEEF ensure automation and integration in almost every project we do, because we believe that these essential innovational models would prove effectual and efficient.

The Major integrated solutions that we offer to our clients are as follows:

Management Information Systems

We at NEEF believe that the functional areas of a project or an organization such as Finance, HR , Management etc., need to have Management Information Systems for effective performance measurement. Therefore, we tend to amalgamate MIS’s into the systems that we design or the projects we take up.

Web-Based Solutions 

Web based Solutions are a necessity in today’s world because of the convenience they provide. Users access the application from any computer connected to the Internet. NEEF implements web solutions to provide ease of access and integration amongst the education sector.

Application-Based Solutions

Mobile native applications run in contrast with desktop applications or web applications. They are easy to use mobile interfaces for on the go communication and usage. NEEF focuses on implementing solutions that can provide maximum efficiency in minimum time therefore we incorporate mobile applications in our projects for our clients, where need be.

Service Information Systems 

A service system (or customer service system, CSS) is a configuration of technology and organizational networks designed to deliver services that satisfy the needs, wants, or aspirations of clients. NEEF specializes in enacting Service Information Systems for our clientele for ease of access and assimilation of systems.